I'm Amy, head writer at Functional Nutrition Answers. You can check out my personal website at amyrichternutrition.com.

I actually started out wanting to be a nurse.

Growing up I spent a decent amount of time in the healthcare setting due to a genetic disorder. I had frequent broken bones and back problems, and I REALLY started to fear hospitals.

But each time I needed care, there were nurses who went above and beyond to cheer me up and make me feel comfortable. So, when I graduated high school, I thought becoming a nurse would be a great way to “pay it forward.”

I went to Missouri State University to pursue a nursing degree initially. One of my required classes was “Introduction to Nutrition,” and I fell in love with it! I was amazed at the impact that nutrition could have on preventing chronic diseases.

That's when it clicked for me! I still hated hospitals, so why not become a dietitian and spend my career keeping people out of them? I couldn't do much about my own condition, but there were people all around me who were suffering from preventable diseases. Nutrition could be part of the answer!

So, I quickly changed my major to dietetics and had no regrets. I later completed my internship and master's program at Cox College in Springfield, Missouri. It was during my master's program that I discovered a passion for nutrition research.

Since becoming an RD, I've worked in private practice, started a blog, and now I work as a research assistant for Erica.

I'm still looking for my niche, but I LOVE researching and writing about nutrition!

  1. Due to my genetic disorder, my scleras are pale blue instead of white.
  2. Ice cream is my weakness, and my favorite flavor is a tie between peppermint or mint cookies & cream.
  3. My initials used to spell my first name, but then my husband had to go and ruin that 😉
  4. In my free time, I like to play acoustic guitar, especially John Mayer songs.
  5. I live in Springfield, Missouri which is known for Springfield-style cashew chicken.